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The tower crane operator must know all the functions, limits and whole working principle of tower cranes, are just few of the many responsibilities that a tower crane operator. Train your spanishspeaking employees with safety training resources in spanish. Environmental health and safety 15 ergonomic tips to minimize force use proper lifting techniques when lifting examine the load and the surrounding area bend knees when lifting a load look forward to keep back straight position the load close to the body maintain a firm grip on the load use smooth, controlled movements. Hand safety awareness keywords training, safety, meetings, presentation. Ppt hoist powerpoint presentation free to download. Lifting can be a large part of your job if you are a construction worker or an occasional task if you are an office employee. Holding regular, helpful safety meetings will help you reduce incidents and achieve osha compliance. Every year, incorrect lifting procedures cause injuries, loss of work time and. Manual material handling involves lifting light, heavy and awkward objects. Communicate the policy to all workers, contractors, unions, supplier, visitors, customers, etc. Stability in order for the lift truck to be stable the cg must stay within the area represented by a triangle drawn between the drive wheels and the pivot of the steering axle.

Everyone lifts, holds, carries, pushes and pulls on a daily basis whether it is during leisure activities or as a part of paid work. Safe lifting a short presentation on safe lifting techniques. Lift by extending your legs with your back straight, and breathe out as you lift. Texas department of insurance 333 guadalupe, austin tx 78701 p. Back safety and safe lifting discusses precautions and techniques that can be carried out in the workplace to avoid back injury. Our safety professionals translate osha regulations on overhead and gantry cranes into terms you can use, and show you how to put them into. Storing and retrieving boxes above or below shoulder height. Common sense and good business management will ensure that you have these issues handled within your own organization. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about lifting and rigging operation safety ppt. The law states that lifting operations must be properly planned, operated by a competent person, properly supervised and performed in the safest manner possible. Proper lifting techniques for back safety grainger knowhow.

This presentation on lifting techniques is provided by the middle georgia state college back injuries normally result in heavy lifting, repetitive lifting or awkward lifting. Rigging safety training powerpoints atlantic training blog. National safety council most back injuries can be prevented 2. Top 10 construction safety topics with ppt templates. The big list of free safety training powerpoint presentations. Box 149104, austin, tx 78714 5126766000 8005784677.

Never operate if it malfunctions or if it has broken or damage parts. The lifting of objects generally occurs on construction sites, in factories and other industrial situations. Due to routine maintenance on the osha website, some pages may be temporarily unavailable. Containers manual loading and unloading of wire baskets, containers. Workplace athletics proper lifting techniques according to the bureau of labor statistics bls, more than one million workers experience back injuries each year. Cranes and lifting safety is a hot button from an osha stand point. Arc flash safety training by pennsylvania department of labor and industry date created. Lifting dos and donts do know or test the object weight.

Back safety and lifting examines safe lifting techniques. The training will cover strategies that help you reduce musculoskeletal disorders msds. You know the importance of compliance, but sometimes its hard to know where to start. Back safety safety training powerpoint presentations. Pptsmrigging 2014 prelift jsa anytime an overhead lift is made, workers must perform a jsa discuss potential hazards discuss any required specialized rigging techniques communicate the weight of objects to be lifted identify the cg for unusually shaped objects verify the capacity of all rigging involved.

How a load is attached to a crane can make the difference between a successful lift and an unfortunate accident. Correct lifting can move large objects efficiently and reduce manual handling operations. Free safety topics, toolbox talks, safety meetings, tailgate topics and safety resources including presentations, photographs and documents. Calosha poster lifting safer englishspanish pdf calosha publication easy ergonomics pdf manual material handling tools administrative improvements pdf niosh manual material handling mmh checklist pdf hazard evaluation checklist for lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling pdf ergonomics awareness worksheet pdf. Here are 10 safety presentationswith customizable powerpoint ppt templatesto give your meetings a boost. Incorrect lifting however, can lead to disastrous accidents. View and download powerpoint presentations on lifting and rigging operation safety ppt. What workers should be aware of is the proper techniques to be used when in these kind of situations wherein lifting objects cannot be avoided. Avoid back pain by safe lifting 7minute safety trainer avoid back pain by safe lifting 7minute safety trainer spanish. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. Hs93016h 0410 a 5minute safety training aid can you think of an occupation where you never have to lift. Ohs manual handling awareness training powerpoint presentation. Once the load is where you want it, release your grip. Lifting and rigging operation safety ppt xpowerpoint.

Pptsmrigging 2014 rigger role use proper hand signals at all times know the working load limit wll of sling chains, wire rope, etc. Report injuries, accidents, and incidents within 24hr. Free back safety training resources safe lifting, back. This presentation is similar in content with back1. To report an emergency, file a complaint with osha or ask a safety and health question, call 18003216742 osha. Ppt back and lifting safety powerpoint presentation. Back and lifting safety training all by itself, without making changes to the workplace, is often not effective in preventing injuries.

Carrying risk filter you can apply the filter weights for lifting and lowering in figure 1 to carrying operations where the load. Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more. Low back pain is one of the most common reason that people miss work, second only to the common. Download atlantic trainings collection of safety training powerpoints from around the web to train your team on important ehs safety topics today. Spanish powerpoints, audio presentations, handouts, and quizzes. These cranes have a railed support structure, also known as a bridge, and a wheeled trolley that travels across the bridge horizontally. Ergonomics and back safety ergonomic risk factors repetitive, forceful or prolonged exertions of hands frequent or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying heavy objects prolonged awkward postures improper ergonomics can lead to musculoskeletal disorder msd 3. Prepare for the lift, tighten your core muscles, look forward and upward, keep a straight and strong back.

The employee road the lift to the ground, sustaining fatal injuries. This presentation, from heritage group safety, examines safe lifting techniques. Back safety handout pdf dos and donts of lifting pdf dos and donts of lifting pdf spanish. The side loading of the scissor lift caused the lift to become unstable. Communicate your commitment to safety and health programs how to accomplish it. Displaying overhead hoist training powerpoint presentations overhead crane safety ppt presentation summary. Bending at the waist can add ten times the amount of force to the spine. Since lifting is something everybody does at one time or another on the job or at home, you hardly. The national safety council has a number of suggestions to prevent liftandcarry injuries and keep your back strong and healthy. The weight of the rack was too much for the lift to handle. Safety 22 1 of 5 january 2008 safe use of lifting equipment golden rule 6 mechanical lifting do not operate any lifting equipment unless it has been approved for use the lift has been assessed by a competent person the load has been slung by a competent person the load is within the capacity of the equipment. Establish a written safety and health policy statement signed by top management.

Size up the load and work area yyassess the load before you lift. Back injuries are the 2ndmost common workplace problem a back injury in the u. Dont work on electrical equipment if you are not qualified. Hoist lifting it right before you go any farther here are some safety tips inspect you lift daily. Prepare for lifting yywarm up or stretch prior to attempting to lift a heavy object. Manual handling at work health and safety executive. Safe lifting back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Pennsylvania department of labor and indusry compliance. Back safety and proper lifting techniques this presentation is designed to assist trainers conducting lifting and back safety training for workers. This triangle is routinely called the stability triangle. Safe lifting is a critical aspect of daily activities and should be the focus of any manual material handling. Whether lifting at home or at work, make an effort to take special care of your back.

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