Geoexplorer 3 user manual

This is the february 2011 release revision a of the geoexplorer 6000 series user guide. The user interface in terrasync is reasonably clear, consisting of a couple of menus, a status bar, various buttons, and a display area that varies with the choice. Geoexplorer 3 operation guide webarchiv eth zurich. Navstars geoexplorer software is intuitive and user friendly. Trimble geoexplorer 2008 series geoxt handheld win mobile 6. For information about the trimble geoxr network rover, refer to the. Handhelds trimble geoexplorer 6000 series user manual handhelds trimble juno sb handheld user manual. Trimble nomad 1050 manuals and user guides, handhelds. Geoexplorer 2008 series user guide department of geography. Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series geoxr network rover web page. Database contains 1 trimble nomad 1050 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. The geoexplorer 3 or geoexplorer 3c were first introduced in 1999 and the model has been discontinued and been end of life end of service a long time ago. A rechargeable lithiumion battery is provided with the geoexplorer handheld.

Through the following steps you will learn how to choose the optimal. Geoexplorer 3000 3 end user license agreement for product software important, read carefully. Geoexplorerr 7 series handheld, geo 7x manual regulatory portion details for fcc id jup88161 made by trimble navigation ltd. Performance testing of the trimble geoexplorer 3 global positioning system receiver by santiago mancebo and ken chamberlain introduction. The geoexplorer series handhelds operating system is based on. The geoxm handheld with meter gps accuracy for mobile gis applications. Geoexplorer 2008 series multimedia presentation english. Software plays a crucial role in the operation of a slope monitoring system.

Geoexplorer 6000 series user guide harvard university. Resources include product manuals, software downloads, and detailed troubleshooting information. What are the key features of the geoexplorer 2005 series. Displays a map with any background layers and captured gps points. This receiver was tested by the u s forest service to determine. Bringing together the essential functionality for highaccuracy field work in one device, the geoxh handheld delivers realtime decimeter 10 cm 4 inch accuracy positioning and high quality photo capture. The geoexplorer 2005 series represents a breakthrough in gps handheld technologyproviding gis professionals and mobile gis users with the ultimate platform for all applications. As a streamlined solution that enables faster and more productive data collection, the geo 7x is ideal for organizations such as utility companies, municipalities, and environmental agencies that require mobile data collection and asset management solutions. Trimble r8 user manual pdf and 5800 model 3 gps, this manual describes the trimble r8 gnss receiver and electrolux 2100 service. It has been designed to scale from large multi site enterprise installations to small civil projects.

Navigating the form recording data for a point part 2. Trimble is transforming the way work is done through the application of innovative positioning. These resources are continually being developed and updated. This manual introduces the basic principles of using gps to make maps. This end user license agreement eula is a legal agreement between you and trimble navigation limited trimble and applies to the. Collecting data using a trimble geoexplorer tutorial. A set of trimble geoexplorer 3 data collectors, bob. Release notice this is the february 2011 release revision a of the geoexplorer 6000 series user guide. Download scientific diagram geoexplorer 3 cd instructions. Pathfinder office software, data download cable and manuals. Trimble geoexplorer 6000 hp laserjet 1150 0 service manual, user manual. User manual user manual quick start manual user manual user manual. The trimble geo 7x handheld belongs to the trimble geoexplorer series family of integrated, rugged, and highaccuracy gnss handhelds. Trimble geo 7x handheld gnss systems trimble geospatial.

The geoexplorer 6000 series handhelds operating system is based on the microsoft windows mobile version 6. Trimble geo xt 6000 series geoexplorer xpert survey. To adjust the position collection interval, maximum pdop settings, set the datum, or toggle. The software licensed from microsoft, as well as associated updates, supplements, internetbased services and support services, media, printed materials, and online or electronic documentation microsoft software, are protected under this eula. With the trimble geoexplorer 6000 series you get it all. Setting up the geoxt device for mapping turn on the geoxt by pressing the green button for 3 seconds on the bottom of the geoxt keypad, and then use the stylus pen to do these four steps. Page 3 operators network is not operating or configured to operate with the software, or attempt to do so, provided, however, that to the extent any device. Limited warranty terms and conditions product limited warranty. Using the trimble geoexplorer 3 introduction this is an introductory guide that explains how a trimble geoexplorer user can set up and take gps ground data within the parameters that the user decides to use.

The software licensed from microsoft, as well as associated updates, supplements, internetbased services and support services, media, printed materials, and online or electronic documentation microsoft software, are. Connect the support module to an ac power outlet and leave to charge. User manuals, guides and specifications for your trimble nomad 1050 handhelds. For safety information, refer to the safety section of the geoexplorer 6000 series user guide. Trimble geoexplorer 2008 series geoxt handheld cnet. In this tutorial we used trimbles terrasync software. The software licensed from microsoft, as well as associated updates, supplements, internetbased services. Trimble uses gps, lasers, optical, and inertial technologies, as well as wireless communications and application specific software to provide complete solutions that link positioning to productivity. The section button is a menu pulldown giving access to the primary subsystems of the software. Hp deskjet 2, 25, 3630, 3635, 4720 ciss hp 63, 302, 123, 803. Please note this instruction is specifically for a trimble geoexplorer xm or xh model gps unit. This is the february 2004 release revision b of the geoexplorer series getting started guide, part number 4650630eng.

Online support resources are available for some products. Geoexplorer 2001 series discontinued part numbers 4647500, 4647510 xt 128 mb 4647520, 4647530, 4647560, 4647570, 4647575 xt 512 mb 4647550 xm 512 mb usb hub required for support module connection to pc with usb 2. The sextant logo with trimble, and geoexplorer 3, are trademarks of trimble navigation limited. When charging, the power led on the handheld is solid orange. The trimble navigation geoexplorer 3c is a 12channel global positioning system gps receiver. This is the april 2007 release revision a of the geoexplorer 2005 series getting started guide, part number 4650650. Geoexplorer 6000 series user guide, provided on the microsoft getting. Geoexplorer 3000 series user guide 3 provided as a standalone computer software product, and includes any accompanying written materials such as a users guide or product manual, as well as any online or electronic documentation software or product software. Ceramco 3 shade series powder quickstart instructions. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. It provides the background information you need to use trimble navigation limiteds mapping products including gps.

Trimble ranger series manuals and user guides, handhelds. Combining submeter accuracy gnss, high quality photo capture, wireless internet, and connectivity options in a single product, the geoxt handheld is the ideal field device for organizations mapping critical assets and infrastructure, or for anyone needing dependable submeter. Geoexplorer 2008 series user guide san francisco state. Trimble geo xh 6000 geo explorer data collector xpert survey. Trimble is committed to providing customer support and product training services that complement our worldclass products. Geoexplorer ii operation manual part number 2880100 version 2. The trimble geoexplorer 6000 series is a family of rugged handheld computers with an integrated high. Trimbles geoexplorer 3 system product overview cd 2001 from publication. Trimble handhelds user manuals download manualslib.

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