Ford 9 inch diff rebuild kit

A full floater rearend has been used in racing and all forms of offroad applications for many years. The ford 8 inch differential was supplied with ford falcon, mustang, comet, cougar and some ford fairlanes. How to assemble ford 9 inch tractionlok differentials. Ford 9 inch 12 tbolts 28 spline 31 spline f150 heavy 12 ton lincoln. I got my ford 9 rebuild kit from toms bronco parts. Ford 9 rear end rebuild with yukon gear parts and posi traction. Ford 9 limited slip differential clutch pack suit all 9 diffs 28 or 31 spline axles, this kit consits of 4 fibre plates, 4 steel plates and 1 composite plate. Yukon short yoke for ford 9 with 28 spline pinion and a 10 ujoint size. The ford 9 inch axle may have been discontinued by ford in the 80s but thanks to its large 9 ring gear, drop out style 3rd member, 35 spline axle shafts, and easy maintenance, it has continued to grow in.

Complete, readytorun, dropin nodular iron case 9inch third member set up for 28spline axles. Ford 9 axle rebuild components these components are valuable items when rebuilding your ford 9 rear end. For many years currie was known as the place to take a 9inch ford rearend for a rebuild. This complete 9 ford overhaul kit includes a full bearing set, pinion nut, pinion. Rebuild a ford 89 inch rear end in a garage youtube. The original equipment ujoint size was either 10 or 30 series. The parts are high quality and all the things like shims and patterning material is included. This kit is really nice for rebuilding a stock center section. Ford 9 inch ring and pinion sets plus differential parts. I watched the cartapes videos on youtube and ended up. Of course, one telltale sign that you have a 9inch axle is that the bottom thirdmember nuts cannot be accessed with a socket. Strange engineering offers master ford install kits. You can purchase individual pieces or a complete kit that includes everything that you need. Long and short 28 spline cuttofit with bearing kit, fits ford 9.

East coast gear supply offers wholesale discount prices on ford 9 gears, offroad ring and pinions, ring and pinion gear sets, master install kits, pinion kits, mini install kits, axles, ujoints, bearings, air lockers. For these you have to use an openstyle wrench and your judgment on the. This is the second iteration of my blog entries on rebuilding my ford 9. Find ring and pinion gear installation kits with ford 9 in. Thirdmember assembly these are rebuilding tips, techniques, and instructions for 8. Needed a bearing kit for a 9 inch and they put a kit together with everything i needed and nothing i didnt need. But with the company now producing nearly every item to build a rearend from scratch, its usually cost.

Please call for customer service and availability at 18008862815. Ford 9 9 inch 28 spline differential part categories yukon gear. Performance rear ends dana s60 rear ends ford 9 pinion supports ford 9 inch spools ford 9 third members ford 9. Master differential rebuild kits for ford 9 9 inch 31. Afco wide 5 bearing kit includes inner and outer bearings, seal and locknut. Ford 9 9 inch 28 spline differential bearing kits auto parts bearing kits. Fits ford 9 with oversize pinion support and 28 spline pinion. Product detail this ford f100 9 ford diff overhaul kit includes. Ford 9 inch clutchstyle posi differential third members.

I dont know much about the 9 inches so i posted pics of the. I need help on which rebuild kit i should buy for it. East coast gear supply offers wholesale discount prices on ford 9. Save time and money with a complete overhaul kit for your 9 ford third member. This rebuild was performed on a 2006 f150 crew cab 4x4 with a 9. It is stronger and safer than using a stock rearend.

Complete ford 9inch third members currie enterprises. Strange engineering drag racing axles, ford 9 inch rear. Yukon master overhaul kit for ford 9 lm104911 differential, 28 spline pinion. Unfollow ford 9 inch rebuild kit to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

Ford 9 9 inch 28 spline differential axle studs auto parts axle studs. This is a instructional video on how to rebuild a ford 8 inch rear end in a garage with limited tools. The ford 9 inch has found its way into just about every brand of high performance vehicle on the road or track today. Rebuild kits parts ford 9 inch axles differential carriers. Options include choice of differential type and gear ratio. Pinion support bearing kit for oem ford support nondaytona. Ford 9 inch master rebuild bearing kit overhaul timken. Dennys driveshafts ford 9 inch rear end pinion yokes 10. Ford 9 inch, 12 bolt, s60 dana 60 maximize gear life. I saw you didnt install the axle keeper before the bearing, lol. Removing a minispool from a ford 9 inch differential. You can purchase high quality ring and pinion sets in various ratios, high quality bearing rear. Fabricated rearend axle housing kit for ford 9 inch, 54 in.

The ford 9 inch rear end also has the widest variety of ratios on the market, particularly in the 3. Learn how to rebuild a ford 9inch rear yourself using a clutch kit from. Or how about the harsh, unforgiving terrain of your next offroad excursion. Basic id ford 9 inch, rear, 8 inch rear end,carrier, center section, traction lok, episode 283 autor duration. Autorestomod manic mechanic gasoline media 83,003 views 23. Make sure the answer is yes by replacing your stock or broken rear end or front axle assembly with something better. Although not always a sure thing, the first thing you want to look for when you are searching for one of these. Ford 9 traclok rebuild kit fits ford 9 4tab traclok posi units kit includes. Ford 9inch rebuild for pennies on the dollar hot rod network.

This tech tip is from the full book, ford differentials. Differential rebuild kit rear end rebuild kit at the. All currie 9inch third members are assembled by our inhouse experts with decades of rearend setup and assembly experience, so you can trust the finished product. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link.

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