Parts of the body quiz pdf

Learn more about the anatomy of the human body as well as parts such as the heart, bones, eyes, skin, muscles, skeleton, ears and nose. Click on the image or the link to download the printable pdf file. The answers to this quiz are all inside of you literally. English esl body parts worksheets most downloaded 982 results. Parts of the body pdf esl games, activities, and interactive and printable worksheets to help teach a1, a2, b1 levels body parts vocabulary and language. Do you know about the bodys important organs, digestive processes and brain functions. Write the correct word in the box below the picture.

Write the letter of the correct match on the blank. Test your knowledge of the human body by taking our fun human body quiz. The human body is an amazing structure which contains a wide range of complex parts and processes. The stapedius muscle is the smallest muscle in the body. Do these exercises to help you learn words for parts of the body. Human body quiz questions with answers pub quiz questions hq. Body parts do these exercises to help you learn words for parts of the body. In this quiz, see how well you can name different body parts. You remember a little ditty about the thigh bone being connected to the hip bone, which was in turn connected to the backbone. Along with the smallest bones, the smallest muscles in the human body are found in the ears. Level preintermediate time 25 minutes introduction in this engaging worksheet activity, students answer quiz questions about parts of the body. Can you correctly identify all these questions about body parts.

Preparation make one copy of the worksheet for each pair of students. Vocabulary worksheet containing body parts vocabulary. A basic body parts vocabulary worksheet for english language learners using pictures to help. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. The worksheet and quiz for this lesson will help you use the spanish language to learn the various words that identify the parts of the body.

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